Seventh Inning Stretch

We made it to the seventh inning stretch (still alive and still married).  It is hard to believe our journey is about to come to an end.

Day 21, June 17, 2016: Bonne Terre, MO to Cincinnati, OH – 425 Miles

Again, we had another hard good-bye, this time leaving Fred in Missouri as we set out for Cincinnati.  The positive to this good-bye was what was waiting for us at the other end – two sweet boys (oh and their parents).

My parents drove up to Cincinnati from Tennessee and met us at the hotel.  Elizabeth, Ryan, Connor, and Nolan came to visit for a little bit before we went to dinner. Nolan is crawling like a champ and loves to eat. Connor is still the charming little guy we have always known and loved.

Before dinner, Nolan needed to get his clothes put back on… I walked into the room and saw this scene  – I am not real sure why it required ALL of these people to get a one-year-old dressed?  I mean, I know it has been 12 years since I regularly dressed a one-year-old, but my memory is that it was a one man job…


Connor, Elizabeth, David, Chip, Gillian, and Bev dressing Nolan

Once Nolan was dressed we set out for dinner.  Ryan and Elizabeth took us to an incredible local, farm to table restaurant called Bite.  They grow organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, and nuts on their two-acre property.  They also have free range chickens, a beehive, composting, recycling, and repurposing bins on the grounds.  We took a look around while waiting on our table.

The dinner was utterly amazing and obviously fresh!


Melisa, Bev, Chip, Ryan, Elizabeth, Nolan, Connor, David, & Gillian

Of course we couldn’t leave without celebrating the birthday boy’s 1st birthday! Chocolate cake and the Happy Birthday song for little Nolan! The big kids shared a chocolate cake also.

Connor spent the night with us at the hotel so he and Gillian decided to go for a late night swim.

Day 22, June 18, 2016: Cincinnati, OH

What a great way to end a three week road trip – celebrating Nolan Cash Johnson’s 1st birthday! Elizabeth did a beautiful job planning and decorating for Nolan’s baseball themed birthday party.

Everyone was asked to wear their favorite team shirt/gear to the party.  We all had a great time posing in our shirts with the birthday boy.

Time for presents and cake!  Nolan was definitely more interested in the tissue paper than the presents! He was also not so sure about getting cake all over himself… I think he prefers to be clean.

There could not have been a better way to end this amazing three week journey than celebrating this little human’s first birthday!

Next stop: HOME!


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