Lost and Found

I love my husband dearly, but…

Day 15, June 11, 2016: Moab, UT to Dillon, CO – 290 Miles

I think I slept at least half the drive to Dillon – which I have not done since we left TN. When it was my turn to get behind the wheel, I remember waking up to make a gas station milk shake and grab a coffee.

We arrived in Dillon, CO at my cousin, Kenny’s condo in the mountains just in time for dinner.


View from the Condo

We had an amazing dinner prepared by Kenny and Kelli; shared great stories; and went to bed.

WAIT… I forgot – Gillian, Karl, and Adam FaceTimed their cousin, Lenna… here is the evidence… I think she is sad she isn’t with us – we are all definitely sad she isn’t with us!


Karl, Gillian & Adam FaceTiming Lenna

Day 16, June 12, 2016: Dillon, CO


We slept in a bit late this morning. Kelli prepared pancakes for us. What a wonderful treat!

After breakfast we set out for Keystone Resort. We took the Gondola to the top of the mountain.

It is unbelievable that we were in 110+ degree temps yesterday and playing in snow today.

It was a fantastic hike down the mountain until about 3/4 of the way down when David realized he had lost his phone somewhere on the mountain…

The strongest hikers were Kenny and Kelli and the only adults that knew their way around the mountain. Therefore, they hiked BACK UP the mountain we just hiked down to search for David’s phone.  (I tried to do “find my phone” but it was showing it was offline).

David, the kids, and I plus one dog hiked back down while Kenny, Kelli, and one dog hiked back up the mountain. Once we reached the bottom David went to lost and found to report the missing phone when, lo and behold, another hiker was in line behind him and had found the phone. At this point Kenny and Kelli were now at the top of the mountain and stuck. The gondolas had stopped running due to the lightening that was in the area.

We left with the kids to go back to the condo while Kenny and Kelli were stuck at the top of the mountain.When they finally got down we all went to a late lunch/early dinner at an excellent Mexican restaurant and then returned to the condo to pack up the cars to head to Boulder.

Aside from the unfortunate circumstances of David loosing his phone and Kenny and Kelli having to hike all the way back up the mountain, it was a wonderful day!

Day 16, June 12, 2016: Dillon, CO to Boulder, Co – 77 Miles

After a long day on the mountain we set out for Kenny and Kelli’s house in Boulder. We ended the evening with a walk to a local ice cream shop!


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