The Land of Enchantment with a Teenager

Our baby girl turned 13 years old today. I feel old.


Gillian at Sandia Crest on her 13th birthday

Day 8, June 4, 2016: Roswell, NM to Albuquerque, NM – 183 miles

We were all exhaustedIMG_1627 from the long day we had the day before so we slept in a little bit.  We went to breakfast at the hotel and Gillian enjoyed a waffle that looked more like dessert! But, hey, it IS HER 13th BIRTHDAY!

Following breakfast we went to the International UFO Museum.  I did such a good job parallel parking in front of the museum that when I got out of the car I told David how good I did – in “our language.” (Gillian says David and I have our own language and we kind of do).  However, I realized right after the “words” came out of my mouth that another family was sitting outside, right next to our vehicle.  I believe they thought we were REALLY into the extraterrestrial lifestyle and that I was so excited about being at the UFO Museum that I was speaking an alien language. We all had a good laugh.

After visiting with the aliens we set out for the Albuquerque area to see our friend Bob. There is literally nothing for miles and miles between Roswell and Cedar Crest, NM.  We arrived at Bob’s mid-afternoon and relaxed on his beautiful deck before we ventured out to drive the scenic byway to the Sandia Crest.


Magnificent View from Bob’s Deck

Words cannot describe the extraordinary beauty of this place.  I don’t even think the pictures do it justice!

Of course we had to get a couple of selfies before we headed back down the mountain!


David, Bob, Melisa, & Gillian at Sandia Crest


David, Bob, Melisa, Gillian & Max at Sandia Crest

Following our trek up to the crest, we went to a local BBQ restaurant for dinner.  When we got to the restaurant, I went into my bag and realized my wallet was missing. Panicked, I called the last place I had it out – atop Sandia Crest at the gift shop.  It was not there.  David and I raced back to Bob’s house and thankfully it was sitting on his sofa. I guess it fell out of my bag.  A few Corona’s calmed my nerves once we arrived back at the restaurant! After that we enjoyed a wonderful meal and conversation with Bob.

New Mexico truly is the Land of Enchantment and my princess celebrated her 13th birthday there! Gillian ended her birthday the same way she started it – with a big pile of whipped cream!IMG_1673