Lots of Family and So Little Time

We have a number of relatives that live in the Dallas area.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, great aunts, and so on.  We really tried hard to see everyone in less than 2.5 days and FAILED miserably.

Day 6, June 2, 2016: Dallas, TX

When we first started planning this trip, over 11 months ago, I truly thought three nights in Dallas would be more than enough time to see all our extended family.  Boy was I wrong! First of all, I did not truly understand the insane amount of traffic, the crazy distances between suburbs, nor did I realize how much RAIN there would be!  Secondly, I guess I never counted the number of family members that David and I have living in the Dallas area!  There was no way we could have made this happen unless we didn’t sleep and we just drove between house to house for 2.5 days!

So, we did the best we could.

Today, while Aunt Terri took the girls to an indoor trampoline park, David and I drove over an hour to visit his Uncle Bill and Aunt Sophia.  It had been at least 8 years since we had seen them.  It was very special.

They treated us to a great lunch at a local Italian restaurant.  After lunch we went back to their home for an afternoon drink and great conversation.


Melisa, David, Aunt Sophia, & Uncle Bill

It was hard to leave after only a short visit but we had other family to try to see…

We arrived back to Aunt Terri and Uncle Rick’s house and prepared for dinner with my cousin Gary’s wife, My, and daughter, Sarah.  We had a great time visiting and laughing with them.  Again, just such a short visit.


Sarah, David, Melisa, Uncle Rick, Aunt Terri, Wilma (GG), My, Shaelyn, & Gillian

After dinner, Aunt Terri had a little birthday celebration for Gillian!

We loaded the Explorer and are ready for the next adventure… even though it is really hard to leave all the family at this stop…

Time for bed – 6:00 am comes early.


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