OK -n- the Lone Star State: Lizards, Luck, Larvae, Lightening



This was not the worst of it…

Yes, it was totally cool to have a lazy, rainy day two days ago in Fayetteville.  We relaxed, played some games, chilled, yada, yada, yada… OK – now I am OVER rain.

Day 4, May 31, 2016: FayettIMG_1484eville, AR to Dallas, TX – 383 Miles

Let’s just say it friggin’ rained for like 383 miles straight.  Well, maybe only 350 miles, but you get my point.  It was a heck of a drive through Oklahoma and Dallas.  Here is the radar of one portion of our drive… the blue dot, that is us.  The big red monster followed us all the way to Dallas.

At one point we had a break in OK.  We quickly stopped for gas, a bathroom break, and to make our picnic lunch.

David went in to use the restroom while Gillian and I made our sandwiches on the car seats, under the gas station awning.  When David returned he handed me a dollar bill.  Confused, I asked him if I they charged to use their restrooms… :/ No… there were slot machines in the gas station.

I went to the restroom and entered the area labeled, “Must be 18 to enter.” I walked to the fist dollar slot machine, inserted my dollar bill, hit spin and got THREE BARS!! Yep, I won $10.00 at a street-side, gas station, casino! I walked up to the casino attendant excited and proud and she was SLEEPING – didn’t she see the lights and hear the bells?!  After a polite, “Excuse me” she  awoke and gave me my big winnings! I hope my luck continues in Vegas!

Thank you, Choctaw Nation, for your ultimate sacrifices, so I could win my $10.00!

Once we entered Texas the big red monster became much more fierce. IMG_1492 At one point, only about 15 miles from our destination, I literally was screaming bloody murder in the middle of the interstate (and I was the driver).  The wind was blowing the Explorer across the road as I drove and the lightening seemed like it was hitting directly in front of us.  I noticed all the local drivers had pulled to the shoulder and decided I should do the same.  After several minutes under a bridge we continued on and finally reached Aunt Terri and Uncle Rick’s.

I was so exhausted! We ate dinner and enjoyed conversation but I was so ready to hit the bed… at like 9:00!

Day 5, June, 1, 2016: Dallas, TXIMG_1501

Decisions, Decisions… what does everyone want to do? It took us forever to get motivated and out the door the next morning.  But even once we were in the car driving towards Dallas, we didn’t know exactly what we were doing.  We told Gillian and Shaelyn to look online and decide where we should go. They picked the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.


David, Melisa, Terri, Gillian, Shaelyn

We saw all kinds of interesting exhibits, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

David and the girls flew like birds…

We saw some big lizards!

After learning about space and dinosaurs, the girls and David decided to try out being weather forecasters.

The museum police then almost arrested me for using a selfie stick…and it wasn’t even a good picture!


David, Gillian, Shaelyn, Terri, Melisa

Last stop in the museum was the Bio Lap where the girls dissected a fruit fly larvae.  They had a great time, while Aunt Terri and I squirmed in our seats!

After an amazing day at the museum, of course the kids still had to have a little more fun before we could get on the road!

I am not sure who had more fun today… David or the girls.  Aside from the lightening, the Lone Star State is treating us pretty good!


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