The (not so) Calm Before the Storm

Day 3, May 30, 2016: Fayettevile, AR

Aside from the almost kidnapping… what a beautiful morning for a run with Gillian Grace! We woke up and set out for a run around 9:00 am. Emma suggested a nice trail not far from her house.  About a 1/4 mile into our run a pickup truck barely


Gillian & Melisa After our Run

missed hitting both of us. We were shocked, but thought it was an innocent mistake until the truck turned down the next road and came back toward us.  At this point Gillian and I were scared.  We ran across the street towards the park pavilion and I of course got stuck in the mud and lost my shoe… so I was running down the road in one shoe… AND the crazy man turned around again and was coming back toward us, laughing like an insane person and taking a video of us out his truck window. Needless to say, I called David and he and the other David came to pick us up. The only positive to this situation is that a thunderstorm rolled in about 10 minutes later and we were safely back at Emma’s house.

So the storm rolled in and we enjoyed an amazingly lazy day! We did go visit the Razorback Stadium and drove through campus.

After our drive through campus and a quick trip to Whole Foods, we came home to Emma’s and played an intense game of Mexican Train Dominoes… I was the high scorer with 400+ points. Emma was the actual winner, but I was always taught the one with the most points wins – right?


Gillian, Melisa, David, Emma, & David playing Mexican Train

Time for dinner!

We ended the evening with David F. cooking us an amazing dinner of salmon, ribs, homemade salsa, & black beans & rice!




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