The Natural State… of Insanity

IMG_1425OK it is only day 2 and I have already reached the Natural State (of insanity). I love my husband and daughter dearly, but 2 days back to back in the car together can be challenging for all.

Day 2, May 29, 2016: Memphis, TN to Fayetteville, AR – 348 Miles

The morning started off fairly normal with showers, breakfast, coffee, and good-byes. Gillian and I loaded the Explorer while David enjoyed a cup of coffee (or three) with Rick. Totally cool since we unloaded by ourselves the night before – Girl Power! Explorer loaded and we are OFF… oh, but wait… we need gas, ice for the cooler, and a restroom STAT.  We got on the road a little over an hour behind schedule.  I guess I need to become OK with this and will need to let this go… there is no way I can be a time nazi for the next 19 days.  10:00 and we are on the road to Arkansas to visit our niece, Emma, and her beau, David.


Little Rock, Arkansas

Once on the road we decided we should make a little side trip and visit Little Rock for a few hours.

Being a holiday weekend all of the state and national attractions were closed, but we still made the most of the day and took in as much as we could.

We started the afternoon with a lovely picnic lunch at Murray Park. Then walked a small portion of the Big Damn Bridge.  It was insanely hot and humid.

We left the dam and headed downtown to the state capitol building.  It was gorgeous, but most memorable were the statues of the Little Rock Nine. David and I decided we should try to relive history and become one of the statues.  Gillian was horrified.

After disgusting our daughter, as any good parents do, we took a look at the bell commemorating the American Revolution. IMG_1424

The last stop in Little Rock was to visit Little Rock Central High School.

IMG_1433Words cannot describe how I felt standing in front of this building, imagining the courage of those children. What an amazing piece of American history.


Across the street from the school is the Magnolia station.  IMG_1439During the time of the Little Rock Nine, this station had one of the only pay phones in the city and was used by the press to report what was occurring in Little Rock.

We left Little Rock, hot (both body temp and temper) and headed the remaining 190 miles to Fayetteville.

We arrived early evening at Emma’s home and were greeted by our sweet niece on crutches (due to a little roller derby mishap resulting in major surgery) and her boyfriend, David.

After a little conversation we headed out to the Columbus House Brewery to enjoy an amazing local brew.

After a quick drink it was time for dinner. Emma and David must have read my first blog post and got the memo about beer and pizza, because our next stop was for some pie (and more local brew)!

Day 2 was pretty amazing… because any day that ends with pizza and beer is a GREAT day!!


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