Watch Out Griswolds…

We have been lovingly referred to as the Griswolds for quite some time now (I think it might have something to do with our packing habits). This summer we plan to live up to our nickname. The Fuhrmeisters are on a THREE week, 5,000+ mile road trip across the country! We hope we have as much fun and stories to tell as the Griswolds – minus Aunt Edna’s death. So watch out Griswolds there is a new Family Vacation coming to a town near you this summer!


Gillian, David, & Melisa heading out for a 5,000+ mile adventure

Day 1, May 28, 2016: Ten Mile, TN to Memphis, TN – 359 miles
Unbelievably, we left the house only 1 minute behind schedule, mainly because I lied to my dear husband and told him our goal was 7:00 am, when in fact it was 8:IMG_128400. This is necessary in most instances in our daily lives in order to ensure we are not late.  Unfortunately, 10 minutes into our trip, David realized he forgot something at home, so we turned around.  So technically we got on the road at 8:27… not too bad for the Griswolds, uh I mean Fuhrmeisters.  The drive was uneventful and we made great time once we finally got on the road.


Gillian, Hailey, Rick, Nancy, Melisa, & David atop the Peabody Hotel

We arrived at our “Aunt” Nancy and “Uncle” Ricky’s house mid-afternoon and were delighted to learn that their niece, Hailey, was also visiting! After a quick tour of their beautiful home we embarked on a whirlwind tour of Memphis, hitting some Memphis highlights – we went to the amazing Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid, watched the ducks march at the Peabody Hotel, enjoyed the festivities of Beale Street, and stopped for a glimpse of Graceland.  All in under four hours! We ended the evening with some Memphis BBQ and great conversation.  What a great way to start our journey!



3 thoughts on “Watch Out Griswolds…

  1. How flipping exciting!! Really enjoyed this blog entry and will look forward to all of your tales along your journey!! Safe travels!! Love and hugs!!


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